Monday, February 23, 2015

Advertising on Beach Sloth

                Today on this old Blog I have a special announcement: I am offering advertising up to whoever is interested. By no means is this going to dramatically change much of anything. After a few years of pouring my heart and scroll into this fine invention I’m ready to take things to the next level. 

                Advertising is in a few forms. Anybody interested in advertising can feel free to contact me at the following address:


                I use that address exclusively for anything payment or Beach Sloth business related. That address proved to be infinitely helpful whenever I have sold T-shirts or chapbooks. Anybody can buy either of those things from me still. 

                T-shirts, Buttons, Etc. go here.
                Chapbooks go here.

                I offer a few things for advertising purposes. As the blog is now an increasingly smaller part of what I do I also offer other places to advertise:

                My Twitter
                My Tumblr

                My advertising efforts have already begun prior to this post. Nobody has noticed yet so I figured now would be a great time to take things to the next level. Whoever is interested in advertising through any of my online platforms can do so. Simply email me, let me know what you need, what sort of prices you would be willing to pay, and what kind of advertising you are hoping to do (music, literature, other products, etc.). 

                Thus far my advertising efforts have been pretty successful since they have reinforced rather than taken away from what I have already done. Beach Sloth is a huge passion project for me. I hope to continue doing exactly what I love doing on all platforms. This project has taken on a life of its own. My initial estimate for the length of Beach Sloth was a year, tops, maybe two years. Now it is close to entering its fourth year, hence my desire to try and make this more sustainable for me. 

                Note that I am going to continue this Blog for the indefinite future. There is no specific end in sight for this site. I want to continue doing this with the least amount of interruption possible. I am infinitely thankful for everything everyone has managed to do for me. I have received great support for this project which is why it has continued this long. 

                Whoever is interested in simply donating me money (through the kindness of their heart) can do so via my PayPal account: I will continue to blog for you. That is a promise.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

#Urananimal by Nicholas Spence

                #Urananimal demands to be read aloud. Flow moves the piece forward. The reader must surrender themselves to the currents held within every forward slash. Attempts to find patterns are greatly rewarded. Variations on the language give the book a timeless quality. Within the giant rivers of text there are ways to discover the true meaning of these many words. Nicholas Spence opts for extreme speed with his collection. Yet underneath the currents are commonalities that manage to bind the entire piece together.  

                Themes about death, America, and poetry abound throughout the collection. Many times the death is quite literal. Nicholas Spence mentions death or alludes to it multiple times. Repetition of these musings help to give the giant blocks of text a level of consistency. America gets a number of mentions. From the “sun glass wear community college” to references to Tennessee and Dan Rather (some of the few proper nouns to be found in the collection) Nicholas Spence rushes forth with an inordinate amount of energy. 

                Poetry tries to bring the thing together. The few uses of repetition try to mimic a natural rhythm and stand out for their unusual placement. Nearly all of the collection refuses to re-use the same lines. A few moments the poetry rhymes yet these are extremely rare moments. The rhymed poetry does work well when said aloud for it shows off flair. Whenever these rhymed sections appear they reinforce the notion that #Urananimal ought to be spoken and not read. 

                #Urananimal gains enormous power when spoken aloud. Every block of text is perfectly broken up by the forward slash. This usage is important. By letting the forward slashes serve as a pause it gives off the impression that the language is speaking rather than simply being written. With this level of engagement the work has the requirement of needing to be read aloud. 

                Aspects of the poem work with and against the idea of technology. Over the course of the piece there are allusions to the Internet and its ecosystem. The original birthplace of these poems was from a Twitter account of Nicholas Spence’s creation. Even the hashtag in #Urananimal’s title indicates a certain fondness for the medium. It certainly helps that these are tweet-length sections. Yet the entire thing once pieced together becomes something much larger. #Urananimal is an epic poem collection for and by the Internet. If the Dadaists were still around they would be proud to claim #Urananimal as one of their own.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Richard Moult and David Colohan - Hexameron 7.0

                Hexameron is a delicate work. Well-thought out and executed everything falls into the right place. Every piece feels spacious. Aspects of the sound seem to transmit from far-away places. Guitars glisten. Piano is particularly effective throughout the six piece merging effortlessly with the more rock elements. Stranger still are the wordless vocals that add the right amount of emphasis when necessary. The entire mix comes together to create these shaky structures that manage to stand up quite well as a whole. Less of a series of songs it is more a continuation of a theme that works throughout each song, building upon the last. 

                On the opener the wordless vocals have a near-religious quality to them. Following the opener is an even quieter piece that barely raises its volume above a whisper. Around the third track the guitar begins to get a little prickly allowing for a compelling amount of drama. The fourth and fifth tracks go hand in hand. Deep heavy bass permeates most of the fourth track which gives off the impression of a brooding piece. Violence reigns on the fifth track which is by far the most aggressive piece on the entire collection, starting from the sad and building up to a fury by the end. For the finale things end off on a quiet meditative mood with the wordless Gregorian-like chorus. 

Richard Moult and David Colohan go for restraint on ‘Hexameron’ and the payoff is wonderful. Moments of it absolutely shine with hope.

The YOLO Pages

                Those who do not think about the end of their life are doomed to repeat it. Nobody said that because it is goofy and doesn’t really mean anything. Art is obsessed with death from writing to painting. Movies are big into death. Everything artistic is about death in one way or another. Like even this blog post will end a premature death for it has many more to follow it. 

                Kenji Khozoei begins his day thinking about his end of days, just like any normal person should. Being the person a person wants to be takes forever and most of the time it never happens. People can be afraid of success sometimes. Yolo is not a joke Yolo is reality. Salads deserve appreciation; salads are green with envy at the processed foods of the world taking over. Clear skies need the recognition of millions and billions of people. The sky is an incredible life-giving force. 

                Ji Yoon Lee calls out the fun sacks. Yes she burns down the house. The house decides to die by the flame. Going downtown to the south is where the magic happens. Popsicle stands get blown up all the time. Summertime needs the Popsicle stands. Rainbows deserve to be tasted. 

                Tao Lin clicks on a link. Typical click bait demands others to get their click on. Information can terrify showing the sad parts of life. George W. Bush has a rough life via encounter with an anti-fan. With the size of the universe it is amazing how big it is yet the smallest components of life remain completely unknown. Vampire novels rarely go into the age of a vampire. Tao Lin avoids coffee to evaluate people around him because people-watching is a sport and he’s in it to win it. 

                Cayla Lockwood sleeps in other people’s beds when they are gone. Obviously Cayla Lockwood is familiar with the dormitory lifestyle. No two single beds are the same in college. Every college single has a special story to tell of love gained and lust lost. Wounds are full of calories yet are a great source of protein. Life is enough it is never more than enough. 

                Patricia Lockwood realizes the truth about Robin Hood. Less a person stealing from the rich to give to the poor, Robin Hood was more about making sweet love to trees. A lot of critiques for Kanye West’s most recent album “Yeezus” make perfect sense. If somebody samples a heartbeat who do they have to pay royalties to? Bodies are haunted by spirits, consciousness ones with life expectancies into the late seventies/early eighties. Pretzels are disturbed creatures turning tricks on themselves. Adobe flash player is responsible for life flashing before one’s eyes. 

                Carrie Lorig hopes for the warehouses of the world. Buildings are warehouses for people. Bird carbonation means the bird is fresh not flat ready to migrate. Fluorescence tastes phenomenal. Every day clouds float by making the creature feel lazy and too grounded. Sad mouths make good sweat lodges to sweat the sad out. Glad requires sweat equity to make it whole. Little flaps are typical in a world filled with contrasting opinions. 

                Warehouses of the world unite for tomorrow, the fourth day of the continuing epic coverage.

The YOLO Pages

                What better start to the day than with an all-time favorite, one Michael-Hessel Mial from the grand old state of Georgia, one of the original 13? Imagery is important for the young artist, the master of the macro. 

                Michael-Hessel Mial worries about a dead Earth. Of course nobody wants Earth to die except Bizarro Earth. Bizarro Earth is a real uncool cat. Apparently Savannah, Georgia is beautiful because there is a special someone out there who outdoes the Southern grace of that fine city. Gifts to the future are ways of changing the future. Everything in the world makes up the biosphere the best living organism known to humanity, not to be confused with Pauly Shore’s award-winning documentary BioDome. Within every person is the ability to become the Horse Ebooks of the soul, but more on Horse Ebooks later. 

                @HORSE_EBOOKS ruled the Internet with a flarf fist. You might be a winner. Click here now you are the 100,000th visitor! Dearest Sir, it is with great sadness that I write to you. Please contact me I have a business proposition for you. Hello I am lonely lovelorn looking for love in all the wrong places maybe your face is the right place? Readers read words on everything of everything. Don’t worry computers are computing for you so relax don’t do it. Not everyone is ready for the swan but Jandek was ready for the house. Full-time Internet is a full-time job. Useless can never define the brilliant human as a spam bot that was @HORSE_EBOOKS. 

                Brett Elizabeth Jenkins washes a shirt and doesn’t. Wisely she avoids Chad a bro. The state of Colorado beckons her because Colorado is legit. Every seven years she sheds her skin to become someone new. Humans take a while to become whole, typically seven years is best. Lots of animals have the option to devour humans and opt not to. Humans are boney and barely have enough yummy meat for the predators of the world. 

                Raymond Johnson explains what poetry is. Published words in hot books are not poetry. What counts as poetry is the milk of human kindness, almond and soy flavors readily available. Decency is a thing that came up from evolution because animals need to work together a lot of the time. Humans are no different. Love can be poetry if it is strong enough. Stardust flows through the veins of the stars of the universe as they look on the world with interest. The world can be a harsh place with rules created for a select few with revisions by those trying to become the select few. Of course life does not need to be this hard but fairness is free and inequality costs a lot to upkeep. Powers that be continue to be the powers that be until they finally got stung hard enough. Aggressive positivity is the way to deal with the world because the world expects an uprising and is unaware of what an angry hug can do. 

                Hard to follow Raymond Johnson’s work so a break is needed. Next up on the YOLO Pages is the joy of the end of days.