Saturday, October 15, 2016

Beach Sloth - It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside it’s what’s on the internet that counts 11.0

                Among the masterpieces of the world Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection is the best. Other forms of art are stupid compared to what Beach Sloth has effortlessly accomplished in his debut poetry publication. Writers yearn to truly navigate the depths of the human soul the way an anonymous dad sloth does with absolute ease. Throughout the collection Beach Sloth goes from hilarious to tragic in mere fractions of an inch. Of course this may be due to the font size but it is a grand testament to Beach Sloth’s powers as a highly blogging entity that his work appears to be perfected within these hallowed pages. 

                Trees give their lives for books but usually those books are not as good as Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection. Few things can be. Beach Sloth has for years, nigh decades, supported people. His credo of “Support Each Other” can be felt throughout the surprising debut poetry collection. At times dark and touching Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection takes a different approach from his actual blogging material. Yes the playfulness is still there. Yet there is specific commentary on some of the people that Beach Sloth truly cares for both people he has encountered and people he grew up with. For limiting the collection to random strangers, while fitting his blog’s aesthetic, is thrown aside for a more personal approach. 

                What is most interesting about Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection is the dearth of sloths. Throughout the collection Beach Sloth fails to mention much in the way of actual sloths. Maybe this is because Beach Sloth feels it is too painful to reflect upon growing up in a human’s world as a mere sloth covered in algae hanging off of trees. Currently few are interested in the secret lives of sloths excluding the valiant efforts of a select few biochemists who realize that sloth algae could provide a plethora of life-extending and life-improving pharmaceuticals. 

                Until such time as scientists are able to cure common ailments using sloth back algae, there is Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection. Sure maybe Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection will be unable to cure the common cold but it can improve the spirit and isn’t that just as good, if not better? There is a lot of harshness in life a lot of people who feel like doing it alone. Life does not need to be that way. People are social creatures and with Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection people will feel closer together. And that is better than any medicine. 

                Go HERE to learn more about the importance of Beach Sloth’s debut poetry collection,how to order, and how to have a fun time in general. 

Note for Book Price: While I have a 'pay what you want' feature I would say that the minimum suggested price for the book is $13 US/Canada, $18 International (I figure I am going to be sending a lot of stuff internationally).

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beach Sloth is creating Blogs

                Beach Sloth is a project I created officially on July 27th, 2010. I love blogging about people. There is so much culture to explore and support. Ever since I began Beach Sloth I have not needed a TV for anything. My life has been fulfilled seeing what wonderful pieces of work made it online into my browsers, my emails, my PDFs, my videos, and my music. Honestly thanks to Beach Sloth I have been exposed to more culture than I could ever possibly wrap my arms around. 

                That is why I created a Patreon account. I could use a few sponsors to help me meet my monthly expenses which are pretty small. I live frugally. At this point I do not need much to survive since I have cut down what I consider my needs. What I do know that I need, what I am passionate about, is all the wonderful people I have reviewed on this blog. Countless individuals that I have been fortunate enough to meet have become incredibly close friends, the kinds of friends that I can confide in and treat just like those people I have met in person.

                Financial support for Beach Sloth gives me a reason to spend a greater amount of time on auxiliary aspects of the project. Already I have released an e-book through Amazon, a chapbook I printed myself, an album free for download, an e-book released for free through Peanut Gallery Press (which has been favorably mentioned by Dennis Cooper), and a book through Dig That Book Co. So I try to keep Beach Sloth as active as I possibly can. 

                Everything I create for the blog shall continue to be free. I have great plans for Beach Sloth, including an eventual full-length book, another full-length album offered free of charge, and smaller e-books and chapbooks. People who feel like contributing money to me via Patreon can do so right

                I also understand a lot of my readership cannot afford to support me via Patreon. My presence on Patreon will not change anything about what I can for the blog. All it means is if someone wants to support me financially outside of the usual avenues of:

And – my Paypal account, which has since become an MEME 

             Recently I have also decided to start a Fiverr account which basically expands what I do on a regular basis into new forms. If you are interested in my Fiverr work (want something written, shared, re-tweeted, etc.) you can go:


They can. It is that simple. Nothing else will change. I shall continue Beach Sloth, this passion project of mine, because I think that what I do is rewarding in ways outside of mere monetary concerns. My ultimate goal for Beach Sloth is to have it financially support me and a small group of writers I particularly like (I have people in mind for this). That is far away but with Patreon that can become considerably easier. Thank you for reading this and thank you for coming to my little corner of the universe. 

                Additionally I would like to thank everyone who has been able to support me on Patreon. It means more to me than I can possibly express.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Three Poems by Isabelle Davis

                Eyelids are the fences of the soul. A wink is a cute way of saying “come explore my soul with me”. Honestly the wink works. Spiders have plenty of eyes and they wink yet nobody picks up on it. People are afraid of spiders and wash them down the drain. Yet spiders are on the front lines of eating ultra-nasty bugs. Thanks to spiders people are able to avoid insect bites. Late at night spiders provide people with tasty treats as they climb into open mouths and are consumed. Nobody wants to eat a spider and everybody has. Part of growing up is eating spiders, knowing disappointment, and facing rejection head-first. Rejection any other way results in serious difficulties later on. 

                Thumbs are the hitchhiker’s guide to everything. With a thumb a person can try to eliminate distance between themselves and their loved ones. Glowing stars overhead remind people that creatures are on other planets and millions of years from now will see humans staring up. Those creatures will think “cool” and may or may not be able to fathom the amount of distance traveled to get that light to the right place. Usually that other planet will have a kind of water or water-like substance. Like humans those creatures will skinny dip in pools, have sex in pools, and constantly try to get lucky. For across the entire universe lust is the same emotion. Every creature feels it and every creature does whatever they can to feed it. 

                Proximity is a must for any relationship. Unfortunately geography prevents everybody from being together. Away from a loved one there is the sadness of hearing other people having sex. The moans become mournful. Unable to tune it out with music the next best thing is to get out. Outside few people have sex though occasionally it does happen. Without this magical moment of love-making hearing other love-making hurts too much to bear. Aural sex hurts because the sound cannot be diminished. Every sigh is heard. Conversations afterwards are heard just as well and they might as well as they are awful. Far away there is no sex to be had besides the weird sexts and cams of the world. It hurts to admit that technology, for all of its wonder, has yet to really replace intimacy. One day it might and that one day will be scary.  Until then there is touch and there are feelings.

Ezy Down - Ezy Down

Tapping into grunge and garage rock’s inner core is Ezy Down’s self-titled debut. Akin to the snapshot of a life that Sebadoh pioneered in the early 90s there is something deeply compelling about Ezy Down. Lyrically the songs focus on the small details of a person, of that self-depreciation like what is explored on “Poor White Trash” or the punk rock rush of “Felon On The Run”. Tying these songs together is a sense of purpose, of how this on a higher level represents an entire way of living, one that not always as celebrated as it ought to be. 

With a perfect kind of vocal delivery reminiscent of Modest Mouse’s “The Lonesome Crowded West” the song’s slow-paced rhythm syncs right up with the introspective lyrics. Lighter in tone is the giddy hope of “Bar Fly” whose airy guitar work is particularly satisfying. “Antiques” goes for a storytelling approach as the piece unfurls slowly revealing the story of how an object’s value can change according to the beholder. On “From The Moon To The Sun” the song’s steady pace serves it well as the piece grows in power. By far the highlight of the album is the psychedelic tinge of “Gypsy Woman” whose hypnotic rhythm and weaving guitar work shows off their impressive skill. Aptly named “Dream Night” brings the energy down a bit for a little bit more reflective quality. Ending the album on a high note is the intensity of “Bounty”. 

Ezy Down’s self-titled debut shows how good lo-fi should and can be. 

Sarantos - Tired of Being Scared

Sarantos creates a lush piece of pop with “Tired of Being Scared”. With a wide variety of textures being brought to the fray Sarantos explores a soulful sound. The chorus hits all the right notes offering a luxurious approach. Infinitely catchy the song grows ever larger, with a particularly satisfying buildup. Rhythms are driving as Sarantos effortlessly weaves together elements of the grandiose, both of glam rock, classic rock, and a little bit of choral music. Over the course of the song the piece teems with passion. 

Opening up in the middle of things the song simply starts up with dramatic piano work. Throughout the song Sarantos seems to tap into James Blake’s approach, letting the bass serve as the anchor of the track. Rather subtle in nature the bass is quite delightful in its elasticity. By giving such a large amount of leeway Sarantos lets this serve as the driving force of the entire piece. Melody pops up among the edges, bubbly in tone and in ultimate delivery. While the instruments swirl into each other transforming into a glorious sea of sound Sarantos lets the lyrics serve as a form of defiance, against the fear of fear. As the song progresses Sarantos focuses on what can change a person, what limits them. Fear certainly is one of those elements and Sarantos shows a path towards greater inner strength with the power of his lyrics. 

Inspirational to its very core “Tired of Being Scared” shows how Sarantos produces pop with purpose. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Yury - entropy.

Exploring the darker impulses is the elegant smooth work of Yury’s “entropy.”. Atmospheric in nature these are songs that explore the emotional. Spacious sounds permeate each and every piece. Rhythms are kept low key letting the songs simply seep into the mind. Yury’s flow in particularly impressive letting his lyricism neatly match each one of his song’s moods. Production values radiate as he lets languid grooves unfurl ever so gradually. Within “entropy.” it is the small details that have the greatest impact. 

“Moments” opens the collection on a high note as the song comes in and out of focus. Percussion is kept to the essentials. An elastic bass line keeps the song together as all else swirls around that. Vocals are disembodied, floating in and out of the mix like a kind of consciousness. On “Growing Pains” Yury opts for a more active sound. A grandeur develops throughout the song as the melody grows ever more delicate. Blurred nostalgia dominates the warm tender sound of “New Beginnings” as the song has a satisfying driving rhythm as Yury plays with the tempo to great effect. On “Intrinsically Motivated” Yury taps into a strange, almost Boards of Canada like element throughout the piece as the sounds soar eerily. Ending the collection off on a mysterious note is the loose tempo of “Dogma” whose lyrics are the highlight as Yury’s flow is particularly tight nicely matching the introspective approach. 

Yury’s “entropy.” uses an impressive palette of sound to create a deeply compelling collection. 


Wow the world is beautiful. Tigers adorn the world with their splendor and stripes. Plenty of animals tap into the inner power of nature. Air Bud, that is a movie based on a real story. Lots and lots of real stories come from animals then humans rip off those stories without paying royalties which feels pretty messed up. Currently Bambi, Grumpy Cat, and all 101 of those Dalmatians have yet to see a cent for their ripping stories. Gangs of dogs roam the Earth hoping to finally collect what they have been owed for millennia. Sadly the animal kingdom has yet to come up with an effective way of determining intellectual property rights. 

Sean Penn is one of the greatest actors on planet Earth. Is Sean Penn a dog, secretly dressing up as a human, hoping to infiltrate the Academy Awards? This is the most likely scenario for Sean Penn. People really dig Sean Penn’s work and throw frisbees in his vicinity hoping to see him catch a frisbee in his mouth. How much would people pay to see Sean Penn catch a frisbee in his mouth? Well Michael Bay is about to discover the answer to that question. Coming this summer is a movie that will blow people away with gale force winds, a blockbuster that does better than Blockbuster. This is why Sean Penn refers to himself as a ‘cash cow’ because people are willing to expend literally hundreds of cents to ensure that they see him in a movie. With that money Sean Penn will redistribute it amongst the entire animal kingdom except the turtles because turtles are ardent communists. 

Plants have different beliefs. Many plants are Christians believing in the teachings of Jesus Christ, lord and savior of things. Thanks to the teachings of Jesus Christ lots of people have found themselves in the midst of vast quantities of money. Jesus Christ taught people about all sorts of capitalist things according to Republicans, who tend to be really into capitalism and Christianity. Fortunately there are plenty of things that plants can get into once they are done believing in the teachings of Jesus Christ. Only Christians can get into certain clubs out in the middle of nowhere. The nowheres of the world shall become the somewheres once they enter the Kingdom of Heaven after the Kingdom of Heaven has rained fire upon them. 

There is nothing more beautiful than simply seeing the world for the botany that has slowly and surely reclaimed it for the kingdom of God. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

House of United - We Worship Together

House of United’s “We Worship Together” is sung straight from the heart. Capturing the power of faith the songs are simply stunning. The strength of the vocals reflects upon the incredible work that has come out of simply believing. Melodies help to further guide the way of these pieces as they glisten with great vibrancy. 

Things start off on a high note with the joyful “Praise You” which is sung with great urgency. Arrangements are impeccable with sweeping strings leading the way. Opting for a more subtle touch is the dreamy nature of “Psalms 61”. A look at the way that faith can help a person accomplish great things is the low-key sound of “Only Through You”. Crystal clear in tone is the infectious melody of “Psalms 20”. Exploring country’s best sounds is the laid-back atmosphere of “Psalms 16”. On this piece they take on an introspective approach. Great guitar riffs define the reassuring “Best Life in Jesus”. Tapping into a classic rock sound is the sprawling ambitious work of “Psalms 32” by far the highlight of the album. Confident with its resonating message is the title track “We Worship Together”. Vocals are pitch perfect as they ring forth with such conviction. Bringing the album to a delightful close is the languid pacing of “Psalm 93”. 

Showing the infinite colors and lessons of religion House of United’s “We Worship Together” is an album that celebrates the strength of community. 

Best of all the entire album can be found right here

Mouse N’Monkeyz - Duplex (Vol 1) - Diary of a Junkie

Mouse N’Monkeyz create a kaleidoscope of sounds and styles on “Duplex (Vol 1) - Diary of a Junkie”. With a varied and vibrant approach they touch upon elements of dance, hip-hop, musique concrète, funk, and spoken word. Throughout the album Mouse N’Monkeyz opt for a twisting turning sonic narrative that helps to keep things remarkably original. A sense of playfulness ties these pieces together as Mouse N’Monkey ensures that everything remains in a state of flux as they present absolutely infectious grooves, catchy melodies, and poignant lyrics. 

“Go! (Feed The Mouse)” introduces the album with an example of their exploratory approach. The song presents pieces of spoken word, dance, as well as industrial leanings. On “Banana” Mouse N’Monkeyz tease out a colossal dance rhythm with a large dollop of humor serving the song’s narrative. Funky to its very core is the eclectic sound of “Stand Up” which feels akin to LCD Soundsystem at times. A slinky groove serves “Monkeys” well, by far the highlight of the album, showing Mouse N’Monkeys at their most nimble, with a driving rhythm and satisfying bass line. Darker and sadder in nature is the dreamy gentle sound of “She Fades Away”. Filled to the brim with samples and sounds is the chaotic nature of “Rabbit”. Tapping into a solid 80s nostalgic kick is the smooth sounds of “Duplex”. Ending things on a high note is the celebratory “Mouse” whose theme seems to hark back to the album’s opener, thus completely the music’s cycle. 

Mouse N’Monkeyz merges elements of the experimental and pop into a satisfying sprawling whole on “Duplex (Vol 1) - Diary of a Junkie”. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Endsightt - The Music Demo

Endsightt’s “The Music Demo” is a vast tapestry of sound woven together. Throughout “The Music Demo” the psychedelic sampling is absolutely astounding. At times Endsightt’s “The Music Demo” feels reminiscent of The Avalanches masterpiece “Since I Left You”. Like that album, Endsightt’s “The Music Demo” takes a wide variety of different at times obscure samples effortlessly combining them into dazzling new displays of sound. Genres are sampled from funk to classic rock to lounge jazz and literally everything in between. By far the backbone of the album is Endsightt’s flexible flow, which goes from laid-back casual to shouted passionate pleas. 

Opening with the title track Endsightt begins things on a poetic note. From there a loose rhythm comes into the mix with the right level of distortion and defiance. Aptly named is the tense work of “Wolves” whose paranoid rhythm and eerie melody works wonders. “Truth” goes for a pure rush of sound with a groove that threatens to completely lose control. Easily one of the highlights of the album is the silky smooth sound of “Tabula Rasa”. Summery in tone the piece is light on its feet, with the luxurious almost Bossa Nova sample tweaked ever so slightly with each reiteration before the song dives into a panic for its finale. Nice sampling of the Hammond organ adds to the carnivalesque feel of “White Devil”. Ambitious, sprawling, and easy to get lost in is the kaleidoscope of colors that appear on “5/5”. Bringing things full circle is the warped beauty of “The Sign”. 

Stylish, sophisticated and full of surprises Endsightt’s “The Music Demo” serves as an example of how good hip-hop can be. 

Best of all the album can be found right here